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Granny Rich Reserve
Granny Rich Reserve

Granny Rich Reserve

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GRANNY RICH WHISKEY is a perfect blend of 95% American Light aged 3-4 years and 5% American Malt Whiskey aged at least 4 years. 

This incredible whiskey has a pleasing aroma from the addition of the sweeter malt grain, blended with the dessert notes of the aged light whiskey. 43% ABV, OR 86 Proof, It's wonderfully refined, extremely approachable and remarkably smooth making Granny Rich Reserve an instant American Classic. 

Small Batch, Vintage whiskey crafted to exemplify America's "Favorite Granny"....Mature and Good Natured with a surprising kick!

John's Tribute to Granny Rich
My Granny Rich has lived through the Dust Bowl Days, The Great Depression and WWII. Through it all she's remained a "Work Hard, Play Hard" freedom loving woman with an American spirit as strong as the West Texas wind she grew up with! Granny Rich Reserve is her drink of choice, as it is a little more aged and refined, just like she is!
Here's to you Granny!!!